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Quality Self-Inking Stamps

Ideal and Shiny Premium Self-inking stamps work and feel as good as they look! Great for address stamps, signature stamps, endorsement stamps and gifts! Available with a variety of ink colors including black, red, blue, green, violet, and all new, brown, orange, hot pink, teal and magenta. Our ideal ink works great for any water-based self-inker. You can pull out your stamp's ink pad usually by either pushing from the other side, or pulling on a tab. Then, just put a thin film of ink directly onto the surface of the ink pad, push it back into your stamp, and you're done!


The water-based ink contained within the stamps' ink pads is perfect for porous surfaces. Our Shiny and Ideal rectangular stamps make great bank endorsement stamps for the backs of checks! Our Shiny S-844 is just right for your signature - never waste time signing documents again. Make a great impression today with a premium quality self-inking stamp!